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Consultation and Design

Sales managers will help you choose the profile, glass, colour, hardware for your project. After that you will receive a price offer with all the discussed details.



Upon confirmation of the order, the engineer will come to you to take the final measurements



Depending on the complexity of the project, the execution time varies between 5 and 15 working days.



A team of professional installers will come to you, who will securely install the joinery.


Our works

We are proud of every project we have executed. Over 15 years of work we have implemented hundreds of projects of varying scale and complexity.

VISCOMPLAST is a strong business because it has brought together different people, but over time they have managed to form a real family. We are what we are because of the people we work with. We have managed to form a well put together team, where everyone knows their job and does it without hesitation. We know for sure that where there's a strong team, there's a good product!

We are always among the first

Our advantages


Qualified specialists

More than 15 years of experience guarantee high product quality.


Production and installation in compliance with European standards

We hold certificates of conformity of products with the thermal and sound coefficients of the profile.


Wide range of products

We propose different models of PVC and ALUMINIUM profiles according to each customer's budget.


Delivery to site

Orders from Europe are delivered to the customer's address.


No VAT for companies in Europe

Thanks to the collaboration with VISAN PLAST CONSTRUCT, companies in Europe are exempt from VAT and customs duties.


Europe-wide installation

Installation teams are ready to travel to any country in Europe to install products.


Our customers about us

Customer reviews

We take pride in the quality of our work, and the honest reviews from our clients make us more than happy, they make us excited and eager for more work. Feedback is important to us because they are what help us become better!

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Closing the terraces

Backyard living comes with a number of benefits that are worth exploiting. PVC carpentry combined with heat-insulating glass gives you the possibility to build terraces from thermopane. The value of these closures has become extremely high because you wil

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In 2022 we delivered windows to over 200 customers in Europe.

Why do they choose to purchase from VISCOMPLAST? 1. Lower prices than in the country where they are established. 2. Faster turnaround and delivery times, 10-20 business days depending on order complexity. 3. Delivery directly to

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How do we choose the profile?

Choosing PVC profiles for your windows is not exactly easy, and the market that exceeds in them does not help you? You don't know what to pay attention to, and details such as the depth of the mounting profile or the thermal coefficient do no

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Aluminum facades

Choose aluminum carpentry and benefit from high-quality durable constructions, regardless of the type of building where they are installed. You use them successfully both in commercial and industrial spaces or in classic buildings, because they fit easily

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Viscomplast has been active on the Moldovan market since 2007.

Viscomplast has been active on the Moldovan market since 2007. For 15 years it has been producing PVC and ALUMINIUM joinery at the highest level.

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"A business that only makes money is a bad business." Henry Ford

VISCOMPLAST is a strong business because it has brought different people together, but over time they have managed to form a real family.

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The working day at the production hall starts at 8:00 in the morning with a cup of coffee and a good joke.

Then Mr. Oleg hands out the carpentry plans of the projects to be carried out during the week and receives the raw material.

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It's not easy, but only together we can achieve great results!

VISCOMPLAST is the dream of the whole family. We work together to provide quality service, a good product and to build long-lasting relationships.

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Sales success is directly proportional to the agent's ability to create a connection with the customer and VISCOMPLAST are aware of this!

In this field we don't go ahead with the slogan "The goal justifies the means", we don't confuse self-confidence with arrogance, we don't insist on a certain product if the customer is reluctant to it from the beginning, we don't s

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A window must provide good thermal and sound insulation, safety and durability in operation

In addition to the chosen profile, pvc or aluminium, attention should also be paid to the glass package.

We are proud


We offer a full range of services for the production and installation of PVC and ALUMINIUM structures using RAMPLAST, GEALAN, VEKA and KURTOGLU profile systems. We use only high quality WINKHAUS and G-U hardware in the manufacture of structures.